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For our current client base we are constantly searching for freehold apartments, single family houses, apartment buildings and so on in Vienna and surrounding areas.

You want to sell or rent out your real estate objects?

Feel free to contact us; we would be delighted to hear from you!

The services we are able to provide our clients with are the following:

Analysis of your object: / Object analysis:

We can determine your real estate’s value.

With our determination of your object’s value we ensure to pass on the best possible conditions to our clients. We endeavour to provide you with efficient time and energy saving solutions when dealing with your real estate.

If you want to rent out your object, we are able to evaluate the rent you can expect to receive by considering all the circumstances of your particular case. 

Identifying target groups:

Over the years we were able to create a comprehensive client database; therefore we are able to convey interested parities and potential buyers to our clients.

When we are dealing with your object, we always conduct a target group survey in order to enhance your prospects of successfully selling or renting out your real estate.

Creating an exposé: 

We create a meaningful exposé for every new object we are dealing with. Since you are the principal, you are the first one to get a copy to check if it fulfils your expectations and to ensure that you are satisfied.

Promoting the object:

Ÿ To our own client base

Ÿ Our index is structured into different categories that help us to develop knowledge about our clients needs and to provide them with possible renters or buyers.

Ÿ In Newspapers 

Ÿ On different internet platforms and portals

Ÿ On a personal homepage 

Ÿ In some cases we can offer our clients individual advertising strategies to attract special target groups. This procedure depends on the results of the target group analysis.

Effective viewing of apartments and flats:

Professional consultancy of clients:

We are providing our clients with comprehensive and professional advice to guarantee that their market opportunities are enhancing.

Drawing up the contract of sale:

Due to the cooperation with the law firm ‘Dr. Klemens Dallinger’, the contract of sale can be drafted, set up and completed very easily and professional. This will help you save time and is less complicated that setting up the contract anywhere else.

Support in terms of financing:

Our company has the concession to arrange financing by bank. For any further information concerning legal questions, feel free to contact the law firm ‘Dr. Klemens Dallinger’.

If you would like our company to act as a broker, we can offer you the following services:

* Estimation of the object’s value 

* Determination of selling price, after you told us about your expectations and gave your consent 

* Identification of target groups

* Creation of an exposé

* Promotion of your object in newspapers, on the internet, on our homepage and to our own clients

* Discussions with prospective buyers 

* Inspection of the object, together with prospective buyers

* Drawing up the contract of sale